Right now my action is too high on my guitar. When I adjust the action on my Jackson licensed floyd rose, the right side doesnt go down as much as i want it to, while the left side goes down as much as it wants. Basically, my floyd rose is parallel to the guitar body, and the left side of the floyd rose can be adjusted to go beyond that point, while the right side of the floyd rose will not. It just gets stuck. This is really annoying me because the action on the first three strings are too high.

Anyone have any ideas of wahts happening?
pic s please
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Ahh sorry if i made it unclear: You know when you adjust the action on the floyd rose, there are two parts where you adjust, one on each side of the bridge. When you adjust one part, that side of the bridge lowers. My problem is that I can adjust the left side of the floyd rose so that it goes beneath the cavity. But I cant lower the right side so that it goes beneath the cavity because the screw thing just gets stuck and wont twist any lower.
You can't put one side down all the way at a time. You gotta put the left down a bit then the right a bit in intervals. And if your putting the bridge below the cavity you probably gotta it a bit too low.