I was wondering if there existed a rackmount, pedal, or whatever, that not only was midi-capable but had the ability to program/create your own effects digitally (i.e. on a PC) and upload them to the device...

I doubt such a piece of equipment would exist specifically for a guitar, but technically you could take a PC sound device and hook it up to an amp if such a thing existed...

I can do quite a bit of programming in C/C++, Basic, Java, and a bunch of other languages too, and if I could get a device like that, itd probably be the end of my effects needs... ever...

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The RP 250 from digitech has the ability to do that but you have to download it from the site. (i own one and its amazing)
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Look into the Eventide rack processors, but be prepared to spend a minimum of $2,000 for even their cheapest unit.
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