keep in time? what time aha... just kidding its not that bad
just guitar is me, i used sonar to record, i just have an 1/8" cord running from my pedal to the line in so it sounds like **** but it works fine for what i use it for. bass and drums are midi, bass is running thru dimension pro and drums thru TTS-1.

im renting a Gibson original les paul standard, im not sure what year it is my dad took a look cause im too lazy, he says its around 75... its $2175 cad used, and sounds incredible to me im just so bummed i cant keep it, but im gonna get all the use out of it i can, so expect alot more recording lol

anyway, im obsessed with darkest hour right now, ill prolly do accessible losses next.

its the only song on my profile right now, im sure u know what to do.