Hi guys, 1st time post.

I'm playing a Fender Jaguar Bass (yeah, with all the fancy controls) through a Laney RB4 and need a little advice on getting;

a) a really smooth, warm tone
b) a treble-y punk sound (you know, how its almost a little clicky sounding? Something like Rancid or Anti-Flag)

My amp has a 7 band equalizer @ 40Hz/80Hz/160Hz/400Hz/800Hz/2KHz/6Khz , which i'd imagine is pretty standard. Help, please?
Well, for a smooth, warm tone boost the bass a little and taske the edge of the treble. The reverse for the trebly sound.

A pick will also help get that classic punk tone.
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For a more punk tone, definitely play near the bridge (with a pick would be best), or if you want to use both pickups, cut some bass and low mid (cut more low mid than bass) and boost the mids and treble.