ive learned about 10 scales and a few parts to some songs:

Enter sandman(metalica)-intro to the first main riff
carry on wayword son(kansas)-intro
life is beautiful(sixx am)-verses
walk(pantera)-everything but solo
bad things(wednesday 13)-every thing but the solo(if there is on im not sure)
back in black(AC/DC)-opening and verse riff

EDIT:i have been playing for 3 months
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Very much so, but you're also dedicated, which counts for more than you know at this point.
I'd say yes. How long have you been playing?
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yes, a lot of beginners only learn parts of songs. More experiences players usually learn the whole songs. Keep playin though and don't give up.

Playing riffs doesn't reflect any playing ability nor help at all. Meanwhile, learning scales is a good start.
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Beginners or advance, it does not really matter what matters is, does you enjoy what you are playing.
lol he can know only a few songs and scales! but he can have a great techinque...so we cant tell if hes a beginner or not only him...
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that depends. have you just begun?

but seriously.. keep learning those scales!!




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well you know ALOT more than me

i know a few scales

some classic songs (notes) like twinkle twinkle, ode to joy... stuff like that

the only song i know is If You Want Blood (You Got It!)- AC/DC
i know everything but the solo and end on that one

i know that's not much, but i haven't been playing long.

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Beginners or advance, it does not really matter what matters is, does you enjoy what you are playing.

the best reaction on this page

yes if you only learn parts of the songs you're a beginner, because probably you only play the easy parts

but if you enjoy, it's enough