Hey guys.

Here are 3 tracks my power metal band has been working on. The Lead Guitarist mainly written these but he asked me to put them up on UG for him.

There are 3 tracks.
There are midi and gp4 files for all of them.

can you give me some constuctive criticism please
Silence Before The Storm.zip
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Well apparently, trowing in a videogame break is a theme for you band. I didn't really like it at first, but maybe if you found a way to incorporate it better into the music (read: make the transitions smoother, keep the music going and let it return as a riff, not just the theme from the game) that might just change.

Riffs are quite cool, but sometimes teh switch to another riff just goes way to sudden, and though that might be the idea, it could be just a tad less "out there" cause your band completely stops a lot.

However these are GP files, so I have no clue if there are any effects and stuff, but I'd definitely like to hear a recording.
Cuase besides the negative points above, the rest is awesome.
Thanks alot
we still need to get some recordings done but that is all we have for now.

Thanks for the crits
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Not my style of music at all, but very well written pieces. Harmonies are good but like the other guy said the video game theme pops in and out too fast IMO.

-solid riffs
-catchy progressions
-nice lead parts

-too sudden changes
-drums need more spice
-'video game theme'

BUT its all my opinion. I am sure to other fans of your genre its great.
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all in all
pretty solid power metal

-transitions do get rough
-a little music theory goes a long way
-pan guitars
-mix vol levels a little better
-study the tabs from sonic firestorm[dragonforce], cuase you sure as hell got a lot of that sound and it would help a lot to look at how it was written and how they do things
-solos, need a lot of work sorry to say, get out of straight 16ths, up and down scales and 21 note per second sweeps

but other than that, th writing it self [minus transitions] is pretty solid and does make fun listening experiance

overall 9/10 [cause i love power metal like this]

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Finally some good power metal. I have nothing more to say than anyone else who just critted, but I just wanted to comment about how good this is (and finally some power metal =P, my fav genre). Just work out those transitions better and try to work out some memorable solo riffs, not just straight 16th notes like said above. But anyway, great job and good luck in recording.