Well, I want to write a song, something metal and the other one is something mellow, but it's not the focus of my question.

I want to know, where I should start? Should I start with the riffs? Or Should I start with the lyrics (with the inspiration beforehand of course)?

If you think which of the two would be more preferable, then give me some tips on how I could complete the song.

Personally I would just write as much as I can think of down, what emotions I want to focus on, how intense it should be etc.

And then I would kind of 'blur' everything. Let me give you an example;

"I am resting on the ground." - Too obvious, you're giving the whole thing away and not much is left to the imagination of the listener, but if you instead put it like this;

"My recovery lies in the dirt" or maybe "From the ground I may rise again",

then listeners will find that they can interpret the lyrics more personally and see themselves in the song.

You can 'blur' things to make them shorter or longer, depending on how good you are at describing things without giving the true meaning away.

Hope that helps, I'm not very good at explaining.

Also, I second this:

Quote by stradivari310
There is no one way to write a song.
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