Hi everyone

Today, I grabbed my guitar and tried doing the chromatic scale (that's a part of my warm up), well, as usual, it didn't sound that great. I went on to the Blues scale, and then to the minor pentatonic scale, both sounded kinda' horrible.

Then I tried doing a part of a song that required bar chords. I usually use my index finger to cover the string, and my middle and ring finger to cover two more strings, but this time I tried doing it the "correct" way, using my ring and pinky fingers to do that.(I noticed that some bar chords required covering 3 strings+bar, so that's why I was trying to change my habit of using my middle and ring finger together... take a look at this pic

I use my mid+ring instead of ring+pinky in bar chords that require bar+2 strings, but I realized that what I was doing is wrong so I tried this way... but failed <.<

Anyways, after using this method, and sounding absolutely horrible in a song that I could do before, I got really frustrated, and realised that I couldn't play anything that sounded good, even after about 4 months of playing.

I'm self-taught, as I just can't find any teacher near the place I live in, and I'm just sick of trying to do a simple song and just failing every time I try. Now, I know some of you will say that practice is the way to go, but I've been practicing for 4 months now and I can't even do, for example, Good Riddance by Greenday.

My friend, who started about 2 months before I did, is learning a new song every 3-4 days, I'm really jealous, and I get really frustrated when he comes up to me and tells me about this new song that he learned...

Anyways, I know I've complained a lot, but I just want to know what everyone thinks. Have you ever gone through this. Please leave a comment.

Edit: Oh, and I forgot to mention, I play the acoustic guitar.
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people learn at different paces
keep trying. im self taught of 11 months and it wasnt until about 8 months and then overnight i was sure i'd improved by 120% just keep pracising.
Everyone learns at different paces. You just need to work on doing things slow, accurate and perfect before trying to do speed.

But if you're getting that frustrated you need to look to the future and think how much all that hard work will pay off.

Can you do powerchords yet?
the fingerpciking pattern for good riddance is a bit hard for someone whos only been playing for a few months, thought some on here ppl might say otherwise, try something simpler
Edawmail is right, There will be one day when you look back and notice how much you improved and suddenly guitar will get a lot better.
I began playing acoustic guitar approx. 10 months ago. Shortly after beginning I developed cubital tunnel syndrome (not to be confused with carpal) and nearly decided to give up guitar as a result. For those of you who don't know cubital tunnel syndrome numbs the pinky and ring fingers and the meat of the hand below those two fingers. Anyhow, I was peeved that I'd spent time and effort getting my brain used to the strings and then had to reinvest more time and more effort relearning the "feel" of the strings with my two afflicted fingers. My point is that I have since improved a great deal and owe every bit of that success to perseverance. Keep practicing!
@JimmehHunter: I'm doing the easy, strumming version of the song T_T

@Ze_Metal: No idea what power chords are. o.0
Alright, you need to find out what power chords are before barre chords. Learn all the important open chords, then power chords, then you can work on barre chords but they are extremely tough for a beginner.
There is a great book I used to learn how to play called, Learn To Play The Guitar by Phil Capone, Its a great book. It has all many many chords, numerous scales and teaches you how to play..

Its got pictures and detailed instructions, and you dont need to know how to read music as its in tab only using real music to show the rhythm.
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I guess if I had a resource, such as your friend, instead of being jealous I would seek his assistance in helping you to improve.

I have found that just being around other guitarist/musicians can help you improve or get ideas in so many ways no matter what level.

Well, I guess you're right, I should ask him if I need any help. But, it's not like his knowledge of "guitar" is more than mine, it's his skill that is.

Anyways, thanks or your comments everyone.