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...war games as in FPS's? then theres battlefield Americas army COD Halo ... Counter strike

+1, especially COD4
Uh... RTSes or FPSes?

There are many. Many many many many.

I'm a fan of Quake Wars, although I pretty much stopped playing after 1.4. It ****ed **** up.
No, I'm sorry it's my fault i should have been more specific

Online as in on a website and it dosen't cost money

again im sorry
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+1, especially COD4

+ X, where X is defined as an integer between 1 and 2000.

Edit: Ah, free online games. Well desktop tower defence is war-based to an extent I guess, but tbh since I got CoD4 I wouldn't really go for free online games if I was going to play a game.
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Yes it is!
Second one to me

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can some1 post a link of those online games?
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COD4 and Counter Strike: Source

cod4 for ps3 (if u hvae one my username is urownstupitity

and on counterstrike: source my username is igotskillz9315
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