I recorded this with...

Indiana 6 string acoustic / 13-56 Ernie Ball electric guitar strings
Washburn WI64
CRATE Powerblock (New)
Behringer BG412S (New)
Boss ME 50 (New... Distortion, whammy, and Delay)
Dunlop Crybaby Wah

Stagg 5 string bass
CRATE Powerblock (New)
Carin 2x12 cab w/ Celestion Seventy/80s

Shure SM57 (New)
Audio Technica ATR 30
(Both mics used simultaneously for guitar)
Behringer Xenyx 1204 FX Mixer (New)

Acoustic Beatcraft for the drums
REAPER Recording software
HP Pavilion w/ 1.7 GHz Intel Pentium4 and 512 MB SDRAM and a Creative Soundblaster Live! 24bit (pretty weak by todays standards lol)

I am a music technology student, but I am not in any tech classes right now. I have no formal training in recording, just what i have picked up from friends, experience, and the internet.

Im thinkin about doing a whole album with this set up. Let me know what you all Think!!!


It is called "Shackles". ADD ME TO YOUR FRIENDS LIST LOL
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Love it. I think the tone on the electric is a little too 'metal' for my tastes but it does have that perfect hard rock feel behind it...just a little too much distortion, or maybe it's the amp type, I dunno. Anyway, I love the mix of acoustic and electric, drums sound great, and that pedal, I'm guessing the Boss, has a really cool effect. Good writing, good sound, just good stuff all around...no I didn't mean for that to rhyme. Definitely try and pull off a whole record.
i like the acoustic tone! the playing is really good. nice harmonies! the distorted tone is really good, what did settings did you use? i like that lead line in the chorus alot. good playing.

on the drums, you need to lower the cymbals and make the kick and snare louder. very epic, but vocals would be cool.

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