I've been having pain in my arm and hands for the past 2 weeks or so. Went to the physio and they gave some arm stretches to do and other bits of info etc.

Still haven't bothered touching the guitar. Was wondering does anybody know or use good wrist/hand supports for preventing and helping reduce pain etc.

Something like the gloves on this page would be ideal.


eh, my first suggestion would be to work on it as much as you can without any wrist supports/gloves. The thing about them is that, though they'll help you out in the short run, in the long run necessary muscles in your wrists will actually just get weaker.
If you find yourself in the place of a touring musician with a stringent schedule to keep up with, and the pain gets in the way of playing well for an audience, then the supports could be a good answer. But as long as you're practicing on your own time you should stick to stretches and strengthening exercises so the muscles get stronger
^WEll he should wear support for a little while for it to heal. then he should slowly build up wihtout it for a while to get fullstrenght.

Also, fobster. Your from dublin arent you
You my be getting carpal tunnel. My fret hand would start to hurt and go numb. I looked on the net and asked around. Wearing the wrist splint when sleeping fixed it right up no problems playing now.