the RP350 is pretty good, havent used the ME-20, so im not sure on that one
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i say get niether to be honest

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

Quote by ajmasterjaydude
My main amp that I use is a BIG fender (dont know exactly what size) and a Crate GX-20M

is it 2x12 or 4x10? nonetheless. What style of music are you playing and what fx do you need ?
The RP is in my opinion the best MFX in that price range, its nice and sturdy, has a lot of effects and possibilities (you can move the position of the FX like flangers and other stuff before or after the distortion), a single coil to humbucker and vice versa simulation, a lot of amp heads and cabs modeling, distortions, compressors and a noise gate, also it has a pressure sensitive switch that turns the wah-wah on and off, the sensitivity on that switch is adjustable. It also has its own software but you have to download that from digitech.com.

The ME is made of plastic, or at least it was, the one that I used in the shop, it was nice, but it didn't have that much options, and its fairly simple, and also didn't had the pressure sensor on the pedal so you couldn't turn on the wah while playing. Also if I remember correctly it didn't had a noise gate, compressor and stuff like that, but I could be wrong on that one.
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i got the digitech. its AMAZING. i would reccomend it to anyone. it has a lot of options, but its still really easy to use