Poll: mesa or marshall.
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Marshall 30th anniversary combo
5 21%
Mesa boogie mark 3
18 75%
other, but i'd prefer atop answer!!!
1 4%
Voters: 24.
Hey UG, I'm looking at a new amp and am wondering what your guyses opinion on it is. I play mainly hard rock and branch on metal. So this is my choice, ive played some of their products (mesa, marshall) and really like them. So whats your verdict.
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i voted Marshall... but i`ve never heard of the 30th ann. one... so maybe it sucks LOL... but Marshall for me because i tryed a mesa b4 and it`s really dark sounding.. it`s heavyer but really muddy sounding to me anyway.
how much you looking at?? but i would say with your taste, a mesa
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i love mesas over marshalls anyday. if i had the money, that's what i'd invest in... but probably the dual rectifier and not the mark 3, but i haven't tried the mark 3 either... either way, mesa is probably better.
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the marks are really good my budget is just over athousan dollars....can be used.
either a Used JCM800 or a mesa Mark IV
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BUDGET PLEASE! there are many amps other than mesas and marshalls that can do the things you are asking but I can't reccomend any models unless you tell me the amount which you intend to spend
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the marks are really good my budget is just over athousan dollars....can be used.

I think with that budget you can safely say 'will be used'.