there's been quite a stir created by this pedal a while back, but i havent really heard anything for a couple of weeks now.

anyway, i got my carbon copy 3 days ago, and have had the opportunity to play with it for quite a while now. so far, aside from this, the DMM and the old SMM are the only analog pedals ive played.

from my experience, here are a couple of my opinions regarding the Carbon Copy:

the repeats, compared the the DMM, are brighter, with more brilliance, but a bit less warmth than a DMM. 600ms is a lot better than the 300ms offered by the old SMM, and the whole spectrum of all the knobs are useable. also, the repeats, does not get lost in the mix. whether you play clean or with low-mid gain, the repeats does not lose its character.

the modulation is very subtle, to the point that it is not very noticeable, but it does add a bit of color. for those looking for some crazy mod sounds, i dont think that this would be a good choice.

the bypass is quite nice. a lot of people are saying that it is not really true bypass per se. i went guitar -> CC -> amp, and i admit that there is a bit of loss of quality. but it may also be attributed to the additional cable. but as far as TB goes, the signal goes through when bypassed with no power connected to the pedal. also, there arent any bleed-through when the pedal is turned off.

in the end, for the price of $150, id take this any day. it offers the things i need (subtle mods, a nice-sounding delay and not-too-dark ambient sound and thickening leads), it leaves me with enough money to get a digital delay to quench my needs for tap tempo and reverse.

hope this helps.

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Very cool, I've been wanting to check this pedal out since I heard about it.
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