I keep getting this buzz noise on the D string on the 8-12 frets. I dunno if it's fret buzz because all my other frets are fine. I tried rising the bright but it didn't work. So what can I do to work it stop.
Maybe one of your frets is a bit higher than the other ones. That can be filed down, though you should not do this yourself. Go to your local music store to get it done.
Damn bro that's too bad. It's annoying as hell isn't it? You think you got any idea how it might have happened?
i think you and i might have to get new strings. none of our fault, the strings probably get worn out after a while
Change your strings before you do anything. Wound strings can develop a random buzz as they wear out.
Try different strings, high fret, also it might be the relief in your neck is off. I would check that first... And lastly it the neck might need to be shimmed... Had to shim the neck, nut, use different strings and adjust the relief in my RG to stop it from buzzing.