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I've been mates with this girl for 5 years now, she is a stunner. Shes just broken up with her boyfriend and shes not to bothered about the brake up but now shes asking me to go for a drink with her, just the two of us, taking me out in her car just the two of us. The norm is a few of us, never really us alone. Shes been asking random questions over our friendship. Do i move in for more than friendship or do i stay back and keep it as friendship? From what ive read into it she does what more but shes just broke up with a boyfriend and im not sure if she just wants to be with someone cause of the brake up or what? I'm confused!

This should go in the relationship thread.

And heck, if she's interested in you and in case you are interested in her as well, go for it.
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oh bogger didnt relise i put it in the pit sry

Oh bogger indeed.
Relationshpi thread.

But I recommend not making a move. She's probably just trying to feel better after losing a relationship, and you're a guy who she knows is nice and that you'd be a good boyfriend. It could work, but in all likelihood it wouldn't.
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yeah id play it cool and gauge by what she does
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yeah don't make a move, i did it with my bestfriend and ended up in a loveless pointless reltionship...

...with the pit
You're probably thinking too much of it and she just wants to hang out/talk to a friend because of her break up. If you've been friends for 5 years already she probably just sees you as a friend, nothing more.

I wouldn't do it if I were you, you're probably gonna screw up your friendship.
if you're sure you're not just a rebound from her breakup, then go for it. but be careful
go for it sometimes girls wait for you to make the 1st move anyway

shes already invited you out just the two of you

and maybe she wants to get you drunk as well

that always helps

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yeah id play it cool and gauge by what she does

clever thought thats what i was thinking of but im not one for thinking on my feet more thinking with my **** and my **** as **** for brains

I would say go for it, but take it slow, and promise each other that if it doesn't work out you will go right back to being good friends.

This exact same thing happened between me and my best friend. It ended up being way too akward because we were sooo close as best friends, so we just decided to keep it like that. But lately... I'm not too sure that's what either of us want anymore. We have been getting really flirty with each other lately... hmmm.
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If I would be you...I would absolutely make the move on her...
cuz I'm like that...I fall in love with girls so easy...maby too easy xD
well...I say...go for it
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Do you want to make a move? If so, then go for it, but don't be too conspicuous about it. Or, try talking to her about it.
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I would say go for it, but take it slow, and promise each other that if it doesn't work out you will go right back to being good friends.

Plus one.

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edit: dont make a move. it'll never work. and you'll lose a friend