Hey guys, I have a question. I was talking to a friend, and she said that there's a new law or whatever going into effect soon that will require Americans to have passports to travel to Canada. I need to know if this is true because some of my friends and I are planning on going to cananda for a fishing trip in the summer, and if we need passports, we're pretty much screwed. I'm definatley eyeing to visit Toronto, and do some fishing in Ontario. Anywyas, just wondering if anybody here knows if a passport is indeed required now for Americans headed into Canada. We'll only be there 5 days if that helps.
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Why would you be screwed? If you do need passports then just go and get them.
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stay in your ****ty country and stay out of ours
problem solved
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stay in your ****ty country and stay out of ours
problem solved

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Anyways, you don't need a passport YET - sometime in the middle of the summer you will for land travel. All you need now is a birth certificate and ID.