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Basically rate how good you are according to my scale

Here's the scale with examples:

1: Psh. Even a baby can play this. Takes no talent.
2: Noob level
3: Novice. Very easy, takes a few minutes to get the hang of.
4: Beginner. Easy, play for more than a month and you'll know this stuff.
5: Veteran. Right in the middle. Nothing tough, but a little tricky
6: Intermediate. Tricky, but once you get the hang of it, you'll survive.
7: Advanced-Intermediate. Very tough song. The cutoff from intermediate to advanced playing
8: Advanced. All noobs refrain from even trying this. Takes a lot of skill to play this well.
9: NDFF(Noobs Die From Frustration). Extremely difficult ****. Not many people can play this stuff. Chances are, you won't be able to play this. If you are here, you are REALLY SICK at guitar.
10. EAGLES SCREAM!(haha, anyone get the reference). You are a freaking god, and I bow down to you. These songs are HELL.

I'll start out by saying that I'm an 8 trying to get to a 9.

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7 or 8 moving up at a nice pace
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HOLY S**T! There is a switch hahahahahha. Thanks Red Wing. Now you're probably going to quote me for being so retarded

I'd be @ a 7.
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I don't know >_>

It is hard to rate yourself without sounding like a tosser.
it appears on your scale i would be a 10...
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7 or 8 and napalm death
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what would you rank like a rolling stone chords, Stairway to heaven intro and Day tripper whole song, and Smoke on the water intro?
I'd say about 8, I play a lot of difficult stuff (been elarning some Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, etc.). I'm only 14, too...
7-8 dunno, where does insane sweeper come in?
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9 or 10
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I definatly wouldn't consider master of puppets a 7. Maybe a 3 or 4 at most. Most people are playing that song at less than 2 years. I hate to say this, but most A7X stuff is definatly harder than Metallica stuff...probably takes me about 30 minutes to master a metallica song.

I'm probably about a 6-8 with the scale changed up to fit more appropriately.

...I really want to hear come clips of you 9's and 10's...
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Considering I barely know any of these songs cause they're mostly metal... and also who am I comparing myself to? Other UGers, or friggin Vai? I'd say im a 7-8. I don't know that song, but I can sweep pretty well and play Paganini stuff ect.

Quote by AngelOfHatred
I'd say about 8, I play a lot of difficult stuff (been elarning some Eric Johnson, Steve Vai, etc.). I'm only 14, too...

Including the solos/instrumental breaks/whatever you wanna call them?
Based on the fact that I can play Rusty Cooley and Jason Becker stuff, on your scale I'm a 10 out of 10. I wouldn't say I am if someone asked, but on YOUR scale I am. Mesa, eventually I'll get around to recording stuff, but I'm busy right now. VERY VERY busy.
EDIT: 10's would be the hardest stuff that's ever been recorded. Becker, and shredders like that would fit in the 9s.

10's are truly the gods of gods. 10's compose their own music. And not ****y music. Music that's really good. These guys blow Vai, and others outta the water. These guys can play at like 28 NPS
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Judging how good you are by playing what other people have written is extremely flawed. All it generally is is memorization. There is just too many factors in playing. Just because someone can't play metal doesn't mean anything. I'm sure a lot of metal players can't play jazz. There are too many styles of music so you can't judge with that kind of bias.

As for me, I don't know what to rate myself, since I can't play any of those songs(well except for Smoke On The Water), but I'm definitely not a beginner. I can hear every flaw in my playing, so its a constant battle to progress. I do know plenty of tricks though.
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seriously. 4 to 5 is beginner, to veteran?

veteran means alot of experience, thats not one step up from beginner numbnuts
theshredder, you then have my respect. I believe you.

It just seems very unlikely that SO many people are able to play above 28 NPS cleanly. I would have epected like maybe ONE 10 in this thread so far.
Is it wrong that I find this thread incredibly amusing? Especially the 'proof' posts.

theshredder, you then have my respect. I believe you.

It just seems very unlikely that SO many people are able to play above 28 NPS cleanly. I would have epected like maybe ONE 10 in this thread so far.

If my name was ShredDJ, would I be cool too?
seems very geared towards metal here... i'm not a metaller, but i still play some pretty tricky songs so...

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Quote by one vision
Including the solos/instrumental breaks/whatever you wanna call them?

For crazy fast solo stuff, I just get the general idea of what they're doing, and do it. The rest is pretty much note for note.

(I'm talking the crazy fast stuff, not just fast solos)
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4...but getting there...but ive been playing for 8 months so i guess thats some progress
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