Ok so I'm gonna buy a new amp soon enough and I want to get a good tube combo amp for playing good rock/hard rock and a bit of metal (think along the lines of Rush, rage against the machine, muse, metallica etc) on a bedroom and gig level.

I was thinking of something like the marshall jcm 2000 dsl 401 combo, but its pretty expensive and its a bit too bright sounding.

Any suggestions for <50 watt combo amp that is in or around €750 (about $1100)

Do you want Marshall because of the name, or do you actually like its sound? My advice: try several different kinds. With the price range you're talking, try finding an Engl. You'll forget about everything else. The Powerball is awesome, and the Fireball just goes a step further.

In the end, let your EAR decide..not the name on the head.