my clippers are broken

i turn it on and it wont cut my hair, the teeth are going back and forth ok but it wont cut at all, and i really need to shave my head, does anyone know how to fix these at home.
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you know the tool to shave your head with, mine is not working properly maybe someone can help
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Go get one from the local vet. Problem solved.
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You mean buzz cut right? Cause if you want to shave your head, just use a razor...
you shave your head with clippers?
why dont you go to a hairdressers if they are broken
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oil the clippers so they dont get stuck in your hair...if that doesnt work, cut your hair with scissors so its not as thick then shave it
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You could kinda like, go to the barbershop if you really need to shave it.
Anyway why would you want to shave your head ?

Stop running the back end of them against your head?
hug your local pug dealer!
stick your head in the lawn mower that will give a nice clean head
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why is it so urgent?
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2 options

1.belt sander
2. aerosol can + lighter
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