Anyone goin to Powerchordacademy in Dallas, TX or Miami, FL?
why would anyone go?
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"okay, class, this is a power chord. say it along with me, pow-wer ch-ord. now you know music. go home."
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I'm going for two weeks in Chicago.
I went for a week in St. Louis last summer and loved it.

Oh, and to the two replies above me:
F*ck off.
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From what I heard from the UG users, some say that it's awesome, and some say that it's teh sucks.

its teh suck if your good. if you suck you'll have a great time. unfourtuanetly im good. =[
It seems like it would be a cool experience, unless you're an elitist asshole or something.
Its kind of cool what they do their, but the price means you could have done that on your own. Its not like it guarentee's you fame and fortune. you play a show with a band you'll never see again, And for half the price you could go to a recording studio to record a song, play live shows, make your own video, etc. I think its just more convenient and offers new experience, but playing with a long term band at shows/studio will bring you further into the future. If you want an education in music go to Berklee or their online program or maybe even musicians institute where they both have tangible "famous" people who have graduated their. To each his own and if your just starting out its probably a great experience, but for a good musician who has a band its a waste of money that you could of spent on "progress".

This reminds me of a line from scrubs

JD says something like 'so you had a problem with metabolic diseases'

Dr Cox says, 'no I'm a good doctor'

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Absent Mind is, as usual, completely correct.

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Also the online programs and classes at berklee and musicians institute that I mentioned in previous, cost that much i think, but are like 6-9 week programs so much more "bang for your buck"....If your already good(as in happy with where you are), are in a band, and all that other stuff why would you go anyways. I think the video they make sucks people in, but its probably not that good. im only 16 and im almost certain that the only people who sing good rock music are people 17 and older...not many young guys/girls can sing great rock consistantly w/o some experience.
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"okay, class, this is a power chord. say it along with me, pow-wer ch-ord. now you know music. go home."

Haha. "According to all aspects of music theory, this so-called 'power chord' isn't really a chord at all. It's rather hollow, and simply encompasses the tonic, a perfect 5th, and the octave. It may be bland and unemotional, but that's why we have what we call a 'distortion pedal.' See how that works, class?

Now go home."
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This reminds me of a line from scrubs

JD says "so you really had a problem with metabolic diseases?"

Dr Cox says "no *pause for effect* I'm a good doctor"


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They have an academy for power chords? Holy crap!

I know, the skill needed for them needs an academy!!
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PCA is a lot of fun, even if you are a good player. I'd been playing for 8 years or so when I went and I had a blast. And as I've say in EVERY SINGLE OTHER PCA THREAD the purpose of the camp is NOT to teach you about playing music, but to teach you about the music industry. When I went, I learned a lot and made a lot of great friends that I still talk to, 2 years later.
I would love to go. The only problem of course is the price. And the closest one to where I live (Sacramento) is in San Fransisco.

If I had $1500 to blow, I'd get myself a Gibson Explorer and some EMG pickups, instead of something that would die within a week.

Then again...
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i think it would be fun to meet new people
but my dads broke and wouldnt spend that money on me
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Actually i think its pretty cool.. Meet new ppl.. and to the person that said that you almost certain that no one can sing unless your 17+.. aperently you really haven't been around.. Theres teens out there that i've seen that are 14 and play at teen clubs some of them ar really impressive.. I seen girls out there that i dated that sing just like Amy lee.. I'm 16.. I've been playing on and off for 4 years.. ppl don't go there because they suck... Don't get me wrong yea there are some ppl out there that suck.. But not everyone.. Some ppl go there to meet new ppl or for some ppl that has never seen the beach(Miami FL) or just to have fun.. Its a really fun experience that you would never forget.. Meet famous bands and get their advice and experiences.. I can go on and on and on.. Don't judge a book by it cover ppl.. Idk.. If you don't like it then thats you man.. But i like it.. and a hella lots more ppl do.. Alot of ppl look up for this every year like me.. So you can sit there and go on about PCA and how it sucks.. But thats you.. I like it and Honestly.. I dont think anyone asked your opinion..