I want to fix up my Ibanez Dt350 and im gonna change the pickups i just cant decide which ones to get. I have in the mind
the SEYMOUR DUNCAN BLACKOUTS for the neck and bridge
EMG'S 81 and 85
dimebucker for the bridge but dont what to pair it with.
i want active pickups for the bridge a want a pickup that will give me a good amount of gain for thrash metal and solos and i want a nice clear tone for the neck for ballads and stuff like that. Im willing to spend 210 bucks on pickups.
First, whats your amp?

Edit: If its that Roland 15 in your profile, new pups aren't gonna help you a lot.
yeah im aware of that ima get a tube amp soon but i want changes the pickups on my new/old guitar its a 1984 ibanez and i want to upgrade.
Oh alright. Well in that case..

Blackouts seem to be a lot more popular than EMGs nowadays, but if you would rather go the EMG route(which many have stuck to for many years), get the 81 for your bridge and 60 for the neck.
yes they are brutalz ^^
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dude so hows the 5150? ive never tried one but heard that its good. is it really?

F**ckin brutal man. If you don't really need great cleans, the lead channel will melt your face.