Hey due to the new 08' Jeff Hanneman 200 esp ltd guitars, which one would be a better choice, the older models with the Floyd Rose or the new Kahler ones?

I am really considering getting one but I dont know which one to get. Also I have never had a guitar with a tremolo system so is the JH-200 even a good guitar? and if not then can you suggest one that looks similiar.

Any help would be appreciated
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didn't they always have khalers on jh models?

I'm not sure about the higher end models but I know the older JH-200 comes with a Floyd Rose.
I don't have much experience with either but most people I know that tried kahlers after playing floyds never went back.
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Thanks. Well I watched the video and am wondering whether the soldering is necessary on all Kahler models like that? Cuz it seems like a bit of a hassle. (referring to the third part of the video)

If not then I think I will go with Kahler.
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