I've been looking at rack gear as opposed to stompboxes recently. I currently have-

Behringer Tuner
Ibanez Flanger FL9
Ibanez Chorus CL7
Ibanez SM7 distortion (soon to be sold)
Onerr Wah

I was thinking of replacing these with the Xpression and having more effects for a better price. But my concerns are-

Are the effects actually any better? I don't want to get rid of my stompboxes for nothing, for if it saves time and probably money...

I think I can control the effects with a Rocktron Midi Mate, but could anyone confirm this?

And finally, how would the wiring work? I heard somewhere that it has to be run through a cab, but I'm not sure. So how would the head/cab/guitar/other FX be done?

Thanks a lot.

I mean, there is no right answer. It's kinda personal preference.
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