Hi, i recently bought a Deluxe Squire Strat which plays really well but i want to make a couple of tweeks (action, intonation etc).

My problem is that when i started to adjust the intonation on my D string i found it sharp so i adjusted the screw to bring it down. The problem is that i can only loosen the screw so far before it comes loose without getting near to the correct pitch.

Its been a while since i have played on an electric since i normally play an acoustic in the house and my main instrument is the drums so although i really enjoy playing, the set up side is a bit of a work in progress.

Thanks in advance for any help.
Hi, yeah thay are a new set of D'addario XL, gauge 11's.

Although when i put them on i found some interesting videos from a guitar repair person on-line explaining different set-up techniques so i could put them on nice and neat like you get from the shop but when i tried they didn't look quite so neat so i am aware that a couple of the strings should be wound on a bit more but interestingly not on that string.

I do have another set of strings so maybe that might be an idea to try. I just thought it might be a waste of time and money if there was another problem causing it. i even tightened the trem system up as it was out once i put the 11's on.
If your intonation is sharp, you have to bring the saddle AWAY from the neck... or did I misunderstand you..?
Sorry, my mistake. I was unscrewing it thinking it would bring it down in tone. Said i didn't know much about this kind of thing! Anyway thanks for your time and help