Recently just got a Duncan Distortion installed in my les paul. When im just sitting there even if the amp is not cranked up i get this low toned HUM and if i touch the pickup it is vibrating real bad.... any idea what this is from....is the pickup maybe to close to the strings? Help me out guys... if i need to post a sound clip let me know
well if youre touching the pickup, and it starts humming or buzzing, then its a ground problem. Did you install it correctly?
Make sure it isn't something else in your practice area. Computer monitors and TVs, as well as being at certain angles to your amp, can cause this in higher-output pickups.
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Sounds like its to close to the strings and its causing them to vibrate and that is shaking your humbucker. I say lower them and see if that works, if not is something with the wiring probally a grounding issue..
ibanez sounds about right....im not near anything else electrical except for my amp....and like i said nothing else is vibrating just the humbucker...