I'm so metal that I don't ****ing use a pick.
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I personally try to keep less than 3 millimeters showing so I don't have to adjust my pick if I do pinch harmonics.
Depends on preferences and pick of course. I prefer leaving a few mms showing.
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its just personal preference...

for me, i have about 4 mm showing on the side of the pick that hits the string, but under my thumb theres only about 1mm so pinch harmonics are a lot easier. unless im doing chords, then theres about 1/2 inch on either side
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it's really just down to a question of comfort

less = more control, more = more tip action sanpping back and all.
I usually don't have much showing. I have enough showing to get some snap/slam a hard double stop, but enough to pull off pinches. I can vary throughout a song pretty quickly too.
I sometimes turn my pick at a reasonably sharp angle to the strings to get a warmer, less pronounced attack, then turn it so it hits the strings flat, giving a harsher, rougher tone.
For acoustic though, i usually use a pretty soft/thin pick, and I have alot of the pick showing, with a quite loose grip (I actually sometimes drop my pick because my grip is so loose), because when I hit chords, I hate the sound of hard plastic hitting acoustic strings.
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I hardly have any showing, so when I do a pinch harmonic, I just kinda roll my thumb.
I use Dunlop JAZZ-II-picks, and they're small so if want to have a good grip on it there isn't so much left showing. Since I started using them I've hated all big ones, the only thing I hate more than them is big AND light picks.