Basically I've been playing guitar for ages and have only ever owned a 10W behringer practice amp that came with my first guitar. I am completely sick of it - the clean tones are full of gain and the overdrive is just a wall of noise. I've come into a (very small) amount of money and i'm looking at getting myself something a bit more lush. Basically it's just a practice amp that i'm after, but something that could hold it's own playing small gigs would be fantastic.

My current guitar is a fender standard tele and I mostly play blues/alt. rock stuff (a lot of red hot chili peppers). Someone told me that valve amps are defintely the way to go and that marshall mg's are useless, but really I have no idea what i'm looking at. My budget is more or less £200. I'm also looking at getting a Boss ME-50 FX Pedal, does anyone know of any reason why that's a bad idea?

Thanks in advance.