So when i play guitar while on the computer, when i put it down i stand it against the wall next to me, but somtimes i do it a bit quickely, so it thuds on the ground, i think nothing of it....

Well just now i done it and thought about the strap button on the bottom... And its angled!! The button plus a chuck of wood is about to come out! Heres a pic..

So how can i fix this, or if it does break off what do I do?!?!

If can feel it moving if I wobble it, but its still pritty solid, only if I use force.

This is my SG not my affinity strat....

UPDATE: Ahhh ok i unscrewd it, and the woods ok, just the nail is bent slightly. Ill leave it, it wont break, and for now on ill put it on a stand next to me while on the computer!
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its an affintity what do you expect
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learn to take care of your stuff

i do

thats why im annoied, i really look after my equipment..... i dident think about this though

lesson leant, but any help please?
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it works really well i did it to my old fender and havnt had any problems
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hm looks good, but i dont really understand it? no glue involved? just put matchsticks in, then rescrew it?

In all fairness never had chance to try it but I've had friends swear by that method. Just make sure nothing around the strap button is loose etc.
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