Ive been wanting to try building my own electronics for a while now. I know the basic concepts and equations of capacitors and resistors (im not totally electronically illiterate), and im decent at soldering. When it comes to transistors, tubes, and power supplies, im a little more confused. Im pretty sure i could follow a schematic, and ive been looking at some pedals to build. However, im not too big a fan of pedals, and id much rather build an amp. Ive read in other forums that beginners should start with pedals, but i was thinking of building a very small amp. Would starting on something like a 1W amp be ok? Like one of those fender micro amps or something like that. Id honestly rather jump ahead and try build a 5W tube, but the cost of the materials and the potential to screw up is intimidating. What are your guys' opinions on what i should do first.
This looks like a good project. I just have a few questions, what is a 1M5, 3K9, 47n, 100n. Obviously they are resistors and capacitors, but ive never seen them written like this. Also, how would i wire the input jack. I see 1 connection to input, but arent there 2 wires coming out of a mono jack? or does one of them go to ground
The 1M5 and 3k9 are resistors. Those are their resistances written in a common notation and are 1.5 MΩ and 3.9 κΩ resistors. The 100n and 47n are 100 nanofarad and 47 nanofarad capacitors. They are probably going to be labelled in microfarads (uf) when you buy em so be sure to get the decimal correct. I believe 1uf=1000nf

And the mono jack has the tip prong (signal) and the sleeve (ground) prong

Also to make the project easier you can get a PCB for the ruby and that will save you the trouble of trying to do point to point on a small component board. I would at least try to do it on strip board to decrease the amount of wires.

Good luck
thanks for the tips! i went out and bought all the components today, so i'll give you guys a headsup on how it sounds when im finished.
i built the ruby for a friend, awesome little amp very nice! i recommend you implement a tone control when you have advanced a bit
finished with the amp! its soft, but that was expected. it may be because im using too large a speaker. I got it from an old computer speaker. Its a rectangle speaker about 3 inches by 1 inch. in any case, that was a fun build, and its loud enough for me to hear myself play in my room. thanks!