is your string stuck under the edge of the fret?
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perhaps your action is too low and it is rubbing one of the pickups?
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its not harmonic im sure of thatill try the action thing

ya. check to see whether your pickup is too high before adjusting the action though.
Check your nut and saddle. The string might be caught.

Check string height and pickup height too.
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the string is not cought i tried a rlly hi action and a rally low one and a nomral one and its still there. sounds like if u rub the pick in the strings..
same thing happened to me. I still don't know what it was to this day. I think it may have been the crappy EMG "Select" pups I had in them. I toke the Selects out and put HZs in and the problem went away. Twas wierd...
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