how does a talkbox work?

you know the thing peter frampton and alice in chains uses alot.

like do you sing and play the note at the same time?

or whats the mic for?

someone please explain how it works and what it actually does
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Actually, in it's most basic form (meaning the one made by Heil Sound), a talkbox is just a small speaker driver in a box with a hose coming out.

It's connected AFTER your amplifier. It's basically like a speaker, and your mouth is the cabinet. Moving your mouth alters the sound, same as when you pronounce vowels. You don't actually speak with the tube in your mouth. You sorta mimic vowels. The sound comes from the speaker.

However, to use it live, you need a microphone.

More modern talk boxes, although still requiring a microphone, have mini-amps built in, so you can connect them between your guitar and amp, like any other pedal.