kind of old pop song...but sound pretty good...timing got a little off in some places cuz i used USB mic and its latency wasn't good and i so i just adjusted the time difference by hand....pitch correction certainly makes things good though...even if you over do it...haha



*sorry got soundclick page wrong...fixed
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I've never hear this song of theirs. I really like this. Two thumbs up! The pitch correction isn't too bad, but noticeable. The "female" voice is pretty cool. haha.

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Windows secretly molest your guitar when you arent looking.
The radiator films it.

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brendan's buddies from johnstown (nikki and christalin): that was so adorable! you guys did an awesome job.
thanks a lot everybody. haha, the female voice is my younger brother but his voice hasn't changed. it was hard for me to hit those harmony notes but he had no problem with them so it worked out.