Hey there,

here is a new version of the Stairway To Heaven Solo by me.

I hope you like it


(Full Video Size only in Internet Explorer)

Please tell me what you think.

Edit: For all of you who do not have the Internet Explorer:

Stairway To Heaven Solo (Youtube)

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loved it. really a 10/10. at the end with that three note riff before you bend to the final note, i think jimmy page's (in the recording) phrasing was a little different, but no matter, it was fine. *edit...never mind, you were right, i just remembered the song wrong

i use firefox so the window was stretched horizontally...looked like your guitar had a really long neck haha.
Very well played; I gotta ask though, why is your site/videos only made for Internet Explorer ?
Thanks a lot guys,

as the videos are played in an embedded WIndows Media Player it only works in the Internet Explorer (both microsoft...).

So in other browsers the size isnt correct and the speed function doenst work.

I uploaded it on youtube so you can watch it in full size without the IE:

Stairway To Heaven Solo

Well done.. Played perfectly. I dont dig your tone but it is decent. Keep it up

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Hey man, this is awesome! The tone is very nice, imo, and the playing is spot on, i couldnt hear a single error, even tho i listened to it a few times to check

The only criticism is that the video appeared not to be in sync with the sound, but that might just be my pc, but that hasnt really got anything to do with the playing

Very good job!

btw, I'd be very grateful if u would crit my song in return