I was reading some of the old thread and came across one which was about how hard it is to get signed by a major record label..

Some people said that you needed to be really serious, and gig 2-3 times a week and really put yourself into...

Which makes me wonder i mean i do know green day played they circuit and worked their asses off but these other bands like fall out boy and PATD and other bands like that...did they really do all of that ??
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Depends. The Fratellis only did 8 gigs before they were signed. The Beatles did thousands.
most likely. i think the record labels changed their image so they could "fit in" with the younger crowd and sell more. but who knows?
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Its gotvery little to do with how much you gig although that helps. Its all about whats marketable. If your band is marketable you might get signed. If the label can see you can make money for them, they will sign you and as soon as you stop making money for them they will drop you like a stone...

... So my guitar teacher told me. He worked with Sam Fox for four years and released a few albums through an indie label in 1996.
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They're boy-bands.

There will always be 12 year old girls, and it's just a mass fad going on right now.

They're pretty much the equivelent of N-Sync and the Backstreet Boys. They'll hit that age where they just can't pull the things off anymore, and they'll be gone.


On the other hand, if your sound isn't really marketable at the time/place you're at, such as...I don't know, lets use Buckethead.

More often than not, It's enjoyable for musicians, because they can focus on what's actually going on, instead of what's on the outside. Buckethead got more popular because of the solo in Jordan in GH2, because the game was very popular, and apparently it was the hardest song in the game.

It amazes me to this day that people swear they think Buckethead is in his 20s. I'm listening to 'From The Coop' right now.
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Blind Melon got signed off a really low quality demo tape. I don't think they were together for all that long before they got signed to a major lable.
Some bands get very lucky but most bands have to work their butts off and play tons of shows, while keeping a day job. Either way, its not as impossible to get on a label as people think. If you're willing to work hard enough, and have something new to bring to the table, you'll get signed. I think the majority of bands who "don't make it" are lacking in that second area.
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Depends. The Fratellis only did 8 gigs before they were signed. The Beatles did thousands.

It's very true, did you know The Beatles also had a hard time just getting gigs too? My friend's grand-parents used to own the Leadmill venue in Sheffield many moons ago and turned them down! Before they were famous obviously.
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