i just bid on this squier guitar on ebay and i cant find any info on it. its not a squier master series it looks like it but its not. duncan designed pickups. made in korea

edit: it also has a set neck
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thats a hot squire... but ive never seen one like that... reminds me of the 90's ESP teles

edit: squire with carved top+ duncan buckers+ ebony fretboard+ solid red =
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Is it not just a Custom or Deluxe Tele?
Or is that a carved top?
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thats horrible imo
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its very pretty.
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because there is also a gibson squire, and they don't want to get them confused
That looks like something in-between a Squire Double Fat Tele Deluxe and a Fender Esquire Custom...

My vote is its a Squire Double Fat Tele minus the the cutaway on the bottom horn.. The 2001's have it but i cant see it on this one.... So it might be a later year...
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No idea what it is, but it's quite pretty.
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