I need stuff that's not too hard from bands like:

+from first to last
+escape the fate
+the used
+drop dead, gorgeous

or any screamo/post hardcore bands similar to those.

please help.

oh i don't really understand how to mute strings, or do harmonics.
so yeah im really a beginner hardcore.
mutnmg strings is easy.. try youtube for tutorial or summat, cos once shown how, it's pretty easy
to mute a string you either touch it with your finger without pressing down, or you can use your palm for palm muting (a little different), but yeah, its easy...

and harmonics are note that ring out when you touch the string lightly over certain frets without pressing down (the 12th fret is an easy one to get)

most hardcore/punk in general is pretty easy to play, its all generally around the same level... I found some of bad religions stuff to be a little harder than the rest, but still not too crazy...

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