I need some songs to impress the ladies.
Don't be sarcastic and say something like "Entrails Ripped From a Virgin's ****" or "You Suffer"

I'm trying to get this girl I like at school, so what's a good song to impress her with? Something fancy, but not crazy.
nothing else matters!!!!! finger pick that ****
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Metal_Hed_23, will you marry me?

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Try composing your own?

I'm not sure what genre you would be happy playing or that she likes but writing your own is even better than covering.

Good luck mate
Radiohead - True Love Waits

Easy song too.

But remember, guitar is not an extension of your penis.

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Something with nice melody and probably acoustic.

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+Infinity. This dude knows good metal.
Polaris by The Human Abstract. Even though the beauty of that song is the technicalities involved, no one on the earth could listen to someone play that and not be impressed.
two words buddy

wonder. wall.
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i would love it if someone threw the stereotypes of acoustic romantic and played me something that would blow my ear drums, and kill my senses, but thats just me. It all depends on the girl you wanna impress.
play and sing hey there delilah, aknow alot of girls that love it
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Just learned it- Simple Man, by Lynyrd Skynyrd. Sounds dead awesome acoustic. Only took me 1.5 hours to know the whole thing.
well i do just fine, my car and my guitar, guitar GUITAR!
my biggest rule for girls and guitar is wait untill they ask you to play somethen for them. The only other way is if your playing for a group of people already. If you just pick up the guitar before she says anything your just showen off to her and you lose points. just a fyi
What about Knocking on Heaven's Door ?
Fortune, fame

Mirror vain

Gone insane

But the memory remains
Tommy emmanuel - those who wait
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