Ok. I used the searchbar and couldn't come up with anything useful
so I'm turning to my faithful UGers

I usually don't play with my amp real loud, but my parents left so it was prime opportunity.
but when I did I noticed that on the clean tone some of my frets/strings buzz, yes even on the humbucker pickup.
I have it in Eb tuning, but thats what I usually play in and that doesn't make a difference.
Even if it did I plugged in my cousin's guitar which is it standard tuning and it did the same thing so I know its the amp.

whats the cause of this and what can I do to fix it?
I have my first concert coming up before too long and this is unacceptable...

please and thank you!!
its a fender frontman 25R

I wouldn't be surprised at all
neither guitars are great quality..
Neither is the amp...
Try it with a different amp.
Call me Wes.
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Yeah its prob. the amp, I had one once and it sucked
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It's the amp. My frontman 15 will NOT stop buzzing.
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