i got a really action problem.someone know how to set a perfect action for solo playing and stuf.
yes..but how to lower it so all the string are at the same height? thats the problem
IF it's a Les Paul use the tune-0-matic bridge to adjust the string heighth. Exactly how to I don't know because i've never used a Les Paul. I've only used Ibanezs.
go to the Gear building forum... and look for it there... and if you need bigger help look for the "Q & A thread" theres lots of people there who will help... im too lazy to explain right now
adjust the 2 bars that hold the tuneomatic bridge to a desired length, then just even them up. but make sure not to have them too low as this would cause fret buzz.
here are two thumb screws that adjust the height of the bridge. It will adjust your bottom 3 strings or your top 3 strings separately. You really should adjust the truss rod on your neck first to get a nominal action height and then fine tune it with the bridge. FYI.. your strings will never be the same height through the neck due to neck relief