If it's tubes get it. I think i've used it before and it sounded sweet. It's a fender what assurance do you need?
do you need 100 tube watts??

they sell other, similar versions of that amp (minus the channel switching) that are very nice and have a lot less power.
Theres a 22 watt 65 deluxe reverb, a 45 watt 65 super reverb, and an 85 watt 65 twin reverb.

honestly, 100 watts is gonna be too much for most gigs let alone home practice, so it really depends on your needs

EDIT: nvm i forgot that that amp has a 1/4 power switch, which would make playing at home and at smaller gigs more practical. so yeah if you can find a good one id say go for it.

What kind of music do you play?
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