I've never been patient enough to sit down and write a full song, and whenever I'd try, I'd always get stuck in a rut. Anyway, i finally finished writing and recording my first "full" song, and here it is. CONSTRUCTIVE criticism please.


Send me links to your songs for criticism in return.
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Hey! Just Listened to your song, really cool riffs! lot´s of potential.
Now comes som tips:
I think it would be cool if you had a smoother transition from the acoustic riff in the beginning to the distorted.

It should be cool if you ended the song with the acoustic riff instead of the last riff you had IMO.

Add drums and other instruments!

Still cool song though, and I think the riffs in it has alot of potential!

Keep rocking!

PS: I want your peavey 5150 so bad :P