Everyone in my English class is writing an essay full of logical fallacies, but i have no idea what to write about and was wondering what the people (i use the term loosely) of the Pit think i should write about.
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vicious circle its the coolest onefor example this one:

god is perfect
what is perfect, doesn`t lack anything
what doesn`t lack anything has it all
what has it all, has existence

god exists

its pretty simple to see why that doesnt work

Soooo many spelling mistakes i know...
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i think i speak for the entire pit when i say that i first read that as 'an essay of logical phalluses'

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Here you go, I wrote your paper for you. You can thank me later:

"This essay is awesome: an essay on logical fallacies.

This essay is awesome.

The end."
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Imagine a circle. In this circle you put all the positive numbers (such as 1, 5 and 100000). Around this circle you draw a new one containing all the negative and positive numbers.

The size of the inner circle (containing all the positive numbers) is infinite. Yet the outer circle is doulbe that size. Thus there is a number larger than infinity.