I have decided i want to mod my behringer cs100 pedal, which is eessentially a clone of the boss cs-3 and they both have the same schematic, so mods are made easier but im not a fan of buffers..one or two in a signal path is fine but more and it becomes noticable for me, nor do i like the tiny spst microswitch! i was wondering how i would go about removing the buffer from this pedal? the schematic can be found here
(The buffer is the part at the top with the spst switch)
I know i will lose the bypass function of the pedal as well as the status indicator led, but i will implement them again with a 3PDT switch in the pedals new housing as soon as i get this sorted any suggestions guys?

EDIT: i know how to 'hotwire' the switch so it is always on, but i would rather take the unnecessary components out of the signal path completely.
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after a few hours of tinkering i managed to get it done. also i replaced a JFET which made the sustain and tone control a lot quieter still need to get a case for it tho, i use a celebrations tin as my testing enclosure!