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ALL I FOUND WAS MUSIC[picked intro]

Look across the floor into my eyes
The music takes a backseat to the sound of your stare
The churning mass of dancing rhythm is our only divide
Neither of us move but I wanted so badly to be over there

Time slows down and I start to you
But you disappeared into the music
I vault across a crowded room
But all I found was Music

Standing in the middle of the void you left behind
What’s left here is nothing more than your vanishing scent
The fog machine kicks in and I wonder why it is you hide
Then I catch your glimpse, a smile, and I learn your intent

[slow picking guitar]

I found you staring at me
Everything else is quiet
First you don’t say anything
That familiar look in your eye

Stunning sounds of silence
And the flowing gold in your hair
You didn’t have to say anything
I fell for you right there

"One good thing about music is when it hits, you feel no pain."
~ Bob Marley