One of my favourite 'tallica songs, and to tell you the truth, i couldn't complain. It sounded absolutely brilliant, in my opinion. Keep it up, boyos.
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Very nice, only watched a bit of it 'cause my internet is fairly slow. Awesome sound quality.
that sounded great. the vocals were surprisingly good too!

the solo seemed dead on but was a little quiet imo.

keep rocking!

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great job dude, the vocals really surprised me. keep up the good work
Hey man, this is very good

You're right, the sound is very good, and the playing sounds very tight (for all instruments)

The guitar playing itself is really good (i take it its just you on guitars then?, cos either it was just one, or it was just really tight dual-guitars)

The solo sounded very good, the tone included, but it was pretty quiet, i only recognised it because i know the song anyway

Overall, realy good job (thats goes for ur whole band!)

btw, iv be very grateful if ud crit my cover version too https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=808268

That was great. Probably one of the best Metallica covers I've seen or heard.
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again really good, sounded great to be honest. Better than metallica play these days!

Not much i can add really, liked your singers voice too, very gritty and cool

Crit mine?

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that was awesome. Not a single problem. What kind of amps were the guitarists using?