Does anyone care to list their favorite; heaviest; most aggressive; most shreddingest songs? (only instrumentals please, *minimal ballads*)

-Steve Vai:

audience is listening- pure adrenaline [save for annoying word effects]
Attitude song- mean

circles-joyfully aggressive
ice 9: 100% shred

-Marty Friedman:
viper-melodic but supercharged

Paul Gilbert:
straight through the telephone pole
my teeth are a drumset
you kids
-all are fairly straight forward shred

Those are the only shred guitarists I know.
Rusty Cooley: The Butcher
Michael Angelo Batio (technically with the band Nitro): Freight Train
Shane Gibson: Emo Village Pillage
Dave Martone: Dinky Pinky (video quality on youtube is horrid....wait for his new album.)
Paul Gilbert: BRO
Jason Becker: Perpetual Burn
Bumblefoot: Guitars Suck
Buckethead: Jordan Guitar Hero 2 Version, or Nottingham Lace
Yngwie Malmsteen: Blitzkreig
Joe Stump: Speed Metal Messiah
Mattias Eklundh: Lisa's Passion For Heavy Metal
Joe Satriani: The Mystical Potatoe Head Groove Thing
Steve Vai: Bad Horsie
John Petruci: Damage Control
satriani - crushing day
perhaps not the most aggressive but holy crap those sweeps are amazing

PG - scarified/curse of castle dragon
just plain awesome

john petrucci - fatal tragedy
great string skipping

you took my bumblefoot one shred201

buckethead - welcome to bucketheadland

jason becker - dang sea of samsara
even if solo is kinda meh by becker's standards i love the main riff

spastic ink - words for nerds
really cool intro arpeggio section

behold the arctopus - alcoholacaust
pure insanity
Rusty Cooley - Hillbilly Militia

Buckethead - The Hand

Steve Vai - Building the Church

Dream Theater - As I Am
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Steve Vai - The Animal, Bad Horsie, The Reaper

Paul Gilbert - Curse Of Castle Dragon, The Gargoyle

Racer X - Frenzy, Viking Kong, King Of Monsters, Scit Scat Wah

Mattias Ia Eklundh - Yngwie 2000, There's No Money In Jazz, Sui Generis

Guthrie Govan - Erotic Cakes

Neil Zaza - Something Anything, Forgot To Make Her Mine
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Dream Theater - The Glass Prison *sexes song*
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Groove or die

Black magic

also, as pointed out by Stratwizard

Steve Vai

The Reaper
Yngwie Malmsteen - Appregios From Hell
Steve Vai - Erotic Nightmares
Paul Gilbert - Curse Of Castle Dragon
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Rusty Cooley - Under the Influence
Bumblefoot - guitars SUCK - this song is the epitome of shred.
The Audience is listening - Vai
Satch boogie - Satch
Just about every song - except Vacant - off of Dream Theater's Train of Though album, a really great album if you like the heavier side of dream theater/ metal
Paul Gilbert - Curse of Castle Dragon, GOOMY, Viking Kong
Racer X - Technical Difficulties, YRO, Scit Scat Wah, Scarified, Frenzy.
Jason Becker - Mabel's Fatal Fable, Perpetual Burn.
Cacophony - Speed Metal Symphony, Concerto, Go Off!
i dunno if its a shred , but has anyone checked out :
Paul Gilbert - Get out of my Yard ?
Steve vai - kill the guy with ball - about as agressive as it gets, its a song about being beaten by a gang of kids
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