I would like to ask for help getting the bass lines from these guitar pro tabs, since I dont have guitar pro.And I would really feel stupid making a seperate thread for each tab I need so I'll just put them in this one thread.Any one that you could get me I would appreciate very much.

Marilyn Manson:Get your gunn and Putting holes in happiness
69 eyes: Devils,Heaven-Hell,Perfect skin, and velvet touch
Atreyu:Her portrait in black
Avenged sevenfold:A little piece of heaven,Brompton Cocktail
Cannibal corpse: Decency defied,Festering in the crypt,****ed with a knife
Escape the fate:Not Good Enough For Truth In Cliche,Theres No Sympathy For The Dead
Might be worth asking in the guitar pro help sticky if no one can help here.
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