Hey all. I'm gettin into guitar now and i'm looking to replace my crappy Hamer. I've got a mid range budget...and i've narrowed it down to two choices and i'm torn between the 2. I'm looking for the better metal/hard rock guitar.

A Schecter C1 Hellraiser FR or an Ibanez RGT42DX
I've had the pleasure of playing the Ibanez at my local guitar center and it sounded decent (though everywhere i've read reviews ppl say they change the pick ups)

I haven't played the C1 at all. But it comes with EMGs. Otherwise i don't know much about it...

so yea...pls help me!!! XD tnx in advance
put EMGS in it

there you go, best of both
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hm, well the ibanez plays better, but the pickups are fantastic on the schecter, and has an original floyd rose, so you wont have to replace the pickups if you go schecter

but its just a matter of opinion
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also, EMGs arent the be all and end all
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Yeah I'm not a big fan of EMG's either. It's like the have scooped mids even with the amps mids all the way. Anyway I would go for the Schecter but thats just me. Go try one out I think you'll probably like it.
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Schecter C-1 Hellraiser with Floyd Rose, plays like a dream, is lightweight and pickups sound FANTASIC.
Schecter C-1 Hellraiser. Plays amazingly, sounds incredible for most forms of rock, especially metal, and the biggest thing IMO that it has over the Ibanez is looks. Everything else is comprable or you can at least make small changes to make it so. But the Schecter is a work of art, and the Ibanez bores me. To me, looks are very important. I'm not going to be motivated to play something that's horrible to look at anywhere near as much as I am to play a beautiful guitar.

Obviously, I'm biased... I don't have the FR version but still.

Also, unless you are going to be dive bombing a lot and everything, you may not want the FR. It's a bitch to tune to different tunings, and unless you limit yourself to playing songs that are all in the same tuning, you'll regret getting the FR version.
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