I need a song to play on classical for a girl I've been seeing, because her birthday is next week! I'm okay at fingerpicking but don't do it often. I can play the first half of Romance, but I was wondering if there were any other songs that sound "romantic" like that! She's already heard me play that one :P

But yeah, I can do Dust in the Wind, a bit of Bourre, and the first half of Romance. Any slow luvy duvy songs for classical?
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Try Tarrega's Etude in E minor, it plays almost like Romance. Or Moonlight Sonata, always sounds good.
just do spoke in the wheel for her,quite easy and beutiful song

or combayah
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Arada - F. Torroba

At least I think it is very romantic sounding...I might be off on the name of the piece but if it is the one I am thinking of it is good. You should finish learning Romance D'Amour first though. Although you said she heard you play that one...you only played what half of it? That is not worthy of anything. Play it completely with no mistakes and 100% emotional effort and it will top what you showed her to begin with.
Ha I was gonna recommend you romance too. thats funny. Anyway, heres a tip, alternate picking with a guitar pick makes romance WAY easier.
Oh actually! I know THE perfect song. Its called Jack O Hazeldon, its a traditional scottish love song, its got that beautiful romantic acoustic feel to it.... ummm let me know if you want the mp3/tab or whatever... Ill hook you up. (you have to fingerpick it though)

PS: What tab are you using for romance, im using one from guitar pro